Cultivating a Rest Ethic

Rediscovering ease of being: cultivating a rest ethic as intentionally as your work ethic

About this experience

Against the perpetual busy and frantic nature of the world, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘ease of being’ may feel like a far-flung dream. How do we come back to ourselves, to our very core, in a way that helps us to find contentment and peace? Taking time for rest, for simply ‘being’, is a key part of rediscovering that ease.

Join Jess to explore what we mean by ease of being, i.e.:
- How important it is to set aside time to rest and rejuvenate
- What a ‘rest ritual’ could look like for you
- How to be intentional in allowing for rest and rejuvenation

Cultivating a rest ethic can help us to be more effective, find joy in our day-to-day and ultimately promote a sense of ease of being.

Your Host

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Your instructor: Jess
Oxford-alum, Comrades runner and personal growth enthusiast

Jess is passionate about people, leadership, personal growth, and promoting development across the African continent. Jess's work experience spans consulting, corporate strategy, teaching and research, having worked at Discovery, McKinsey and UCT and studied at the Universities of Cape Town and Oxford.

Her personal interests include running, reading, travel, meditation and quality time with family & friends. Jess teaches topics on personal growth, developing an "emotional education" and building a life of well-being.