Getting a Job in Tech (without studying IT!)

Getting a Job in Tech (without studying IT!)

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Want to work in technology but can't code? Interested in tech but don't know where to start? Well, start here.

There's so much opportunity in technology (even in a COVID-stricken world). However, the world of tech is daunting!

  • Have you ever considered a job in a technology team but are too scared because you can't code?
  • Have you attended a workshop where buzzwords like data science, AI, api architecture or IOT are thrown about and you're wondering what these actually mean
  • Do you have a project that requires you to work with developers and you're not sure what questions you need to ask to get started?

Let's demystify the world of a tech team by exploring:

  • What are the roles in a tech team and what skills do you need?
  • What is Scrum and how can I implement these practices?
  • What does the lingo mean and how does it impact you?
  • Let's get practical and do an exercise to impress your developer friends!