We’re older and bolder. Welcome to O-Bolder.

Life Orientation for grown-ups through 1-2 hour online workshops.

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We’re older and bolder. Welcome to O-Bolder.

We teach the things we wish we knew when we were 22.

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Just in time for tax season, learn about South African tax essentials. Join the workshop live or buy the recorded version to watch in your own time.

What our attendees say about us:

"It's a total investment in yourself. A small price to pay for a lifetime of purposeful practice"

"As a young professional going through a quarter-life crisis, there are a lot of life skills that aren’t taught through formal education programs. These courses bridge that gap!"

"It's a Life Orientation program to help you ‘adult’ that doesn’t cost a fortune, takes as long as an episode on Netflix and is contextual and engaging."

"R150/~$10 for a fun, practical workshop was a great way to spend my evening. Sign me up for another!"

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